Neferlight is a Rock Band founded on 2013 by Jose Ramón Sanchiz and Xavi Roncero. Their music is somehow defined by a contrast between light and darkness, with chords full of colours, melodic and deep ambiance parts versus rhythmic riffs and bright powerchords, what confer a characteristic and distinctive sound overall, adding a wide vocal range performance and very defined guitar solos.

Stories in the songs are sometimes like tales, like movies, and others are direct messages about life, and own experiences, with rage, sadness, happiness, hope… and of course, love, everywhere… some others are cryptic metaphors to be interpreted by the listeners.

JR and Xavi met in a covers band in 2009, and soon they felt a depth musical link, and started to compose and write together, so in 2013 they founded Neferlight as a band with all this growing own repertory.

They started to gather some of their compositions to bring out a new album. In 2014 they presented to the Global Rockstar Contest 2014, with more than 4000 worldwide contestants, with the song "Regrets No More". After the clasification stage, they won the countries stage of the contest, and was nominated as the National Winner for Spain, and announced with the rest of the winners as part of a live show on 4 November at the ORF Radiokulturhaus in Vienna, which was shown worldwide via webcast.

Along the 1st half of 2015, they were working hard in composing, recording, mixing and producing their album debut, with the title of "Beyond Imagination", under their own record label DarkSight Studios. The album was officialy released worldwide in digital format on May 27th 2015, on the channels iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Youtube, and later, in June 19th in physical format.